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Salumeria has the same goals as our North End store – to offer the best products from Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean and to serve you in the best way possible. That might be making sure a customer gets a regular supply of good-quality, gluten-free pasta, changing our packing filler to be biodegradable, or finding new cheeses, meats and other wonderful foods for your table. Check often to stay informed about our store, our products, our ever-expanding trove of recipes, and the wonderful world of Italian foods.


Ever wanted to know more about Boston's North End? Salumeria Italiana was proud to be highlighted in this recent video about the history of Boston's North End and the people, stores, and restaurants that make it the neighborhood it is today.


cavalli gold vecchioCavalli Gold Seal Extra Vecchio, considered by many ottimo, or best, of balsamic vinegars, is a treasure you'll want to experience. We just received a new shipment of this 25-year-old balsamico, aged to painstaking standards near Scandiano on the high plains of Reggio Emilia. Cavalli Gold Seal is as rare as it is precious, aged in a series of fine wood caskets to develop its intensity and layers of flavor. As with any balsamic this expensive, we suggest tasting by droplets, perhaps on some fine Aged Parmigiano-Reggiano. Some balsamico lovers sip it from tiny porcelain spoons.

Cavalli Silver Seal Balsamico is another wonderful vinegar. Aged for 18 years with the same painstaking precision, Silver Seal has a little less intensity but a lower price point. It's a rare treat dribbled on roasted meats, fine cheeses, or even a drop or two on ripe strawberries or raspberries. Either would be a wonderful gift for someone special (that someone might even be you.)