Cavalli Gold Seal Extra Vecchio


cavalli gold vecchioCavalli Gold Seal Extra Vecchio, considered by many ottimo, or best, of balsamic vinegars, is a treasure you'll want to experience. We just received a new shipment of this 25-year-old balsamico, aged to painstaking standards near Scandiano on the high plains of Reggio Emilia. Cavalli Gold Seal is as rare as it is precious, aged in a series of fine wood caskets to develop its intensity and layers of flavor. As with any balsamic this expensive, we suggest tasting by droplets, perhaps on some fine Aged Parmigiano-Reggiano. Some balsamico lovers sip it from tiny porcelain spoons.

Cavalli Silver Seal Balsamico is another wonderful vinegar. Aged for 18 years with the same painstaking precision, Silver Seal has a little less intensity but a lower price point. It's a rare treat dribbled on roasted meats, fine cheeses, or even a drop or two on ripe strawberries or raspberries. Either would be a wonderful gift for someone special (that someone might even be you.)