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July 19, 2011 - Salumeria Italiana

Bloggers have become a force in the food world, and we embrace the enthusiasm and DIY spirit that so many put into explorations of food and cooking. Recently Salumeria Italiana greeted nine area food bloggers who toured the North End, under the sponsorship of Bertolli. With Chef Raymond guiding them, the nine heard about the history of the store, and tasted delicious imported Italy cheeses and meats. Raymond told them all about extra virgin olive oil, giving a virtual regional tour of Italy as he did. And the tasting finished with a round of tiny spoons -- Rubio, our exquisite aged balsamico, what Raymond calls "love on a spoon." They all fell under the spell!

Of course, what bloggers do best is write about their experiences, so read on to hear why Salumeria -- and Rubio -- won their foodie hearts.

Food Anthropology Tastes Delicioso

July 13, 2011 - Salumeria Italiana

Professor Merry White's Food Anthropology class recently came into the store to learn about Italian foods. Chef Raymond told them about extra virgin olive oils, why it's worth buying artisanal pasta, and how to select cheeses. And tasting cheeses, meats, and olive oils made learning delicious.

Here's the story:




cavalli gold vecchioCavalli Gold Seal Extra Vecchio, considered by many ottimo, or best, of balsamic vinegars, is a treasure you'll want to experience. We just received a new shipment of this 25-year-old balsamico, aged to painstaking standards near Scandiano on the high plains of Reggio Emilia. Cavalli Gold Seal is as rare as it is precious, aged in a series of fine wood caskets to develop its intensity and layers of flavor. As with any balsamic this expensive, we suggest tasting by droplets, perhaps on some fine Aged Parmigiano-Reggiano. Some balsamico lovers sip it from tiny porcelain spoons.

Cavalli Silver Seal Balsamico is another wonderful vinegar. Aged for 18 years with the same painstaking precision, Silver Seal has a little less intensity but a lower price point. It's a rare treat dribbled on roasted meats, fine cheeses, or even a drop or two on ripe strawberries or raspberries. Either would be a wonderful gift for someone special (that someone might even be you.)